Independent Housing

Independent Living is designed for those Individuals that have shown the ability to live in a primarily unsupervised environment. The homes are fully furnished with everything from television to towels. All utilities are included in the rent as well as Biblical Concepts services. Biblical Concepts will handle the set up of all appointments and rides, handle communication with treatment team, prepare and deliver medication weekly, assist with transportation to area stores, conduct site visits, and provide telephone and personal support. Certain qualifications must be met to qualify for Biblical Concepts Independent Housing:

    Resident has exhibited the potential to live independently.

    Resident will follow all house rules.

    Resident is compliant with medication.

    Resident is willing to communicate needs to staff.

    Resident posses basic self care skills.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Will I Live Alone?

Generally you will have at least one roommate.

What about food?

You are responsible for purchasing and preparing your own food. We can assist in getting you to the grocery store.

Will there be Staff on sight?

Although Staff will frequently visit the homes there is not continual on-site staff.

What If I need Help?

You will have the ability to contact a number of individuals for general assistance as well as the ability to utilize a 24-hour emergency number that can provide telephone assistance.

How Much is My Rent?

The rental amount will vary depending on need and location. The cost will range from $600.00 - $1,000.00 per month.

What is included in My Rent?

A fully furnished bedroom in a fully furnished home. All utilities are included in the rent as well digital cable, unlimited telephone service, and Wi-Fi internet.

How Long Can I stay?

You can utilize Independent Housing as a short term housing option that will continue to prepare you for transition to a more independent environment or a long term solution to your housing needs.

Where is the Home Located?

Most homes are located in Gallatin Tennessee.


Biblical Concepts Independent Housing